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Dialectical Journals

                        Notes/Quotes			Questions

Chapter 3:		Lead Lock. to chamber   	Why would he be forbidden
Lev. 2			he must hide candle and	        to go into the room?
			stay quiet; not allowed in
			room (15).

			Description of room; ledge	Why was this room so abandoned
			has writings on it, room old	and unused?
			and not used (16).

Lev. 3			(Quotes same as above)	        Could this foreshadow what 
							Lock. is to find out?

			Zillah takes Lock. to room	He digs for information, knowing	
			which is supposed to be 	trouble if caught, how many other
			"off limits" for some reason.	books/movies show this archetype?
			He snoops around (15-16).

			Up the next morning, they go	How many other books portray
			back through the snow, no 	the blind journey home?
			stones to guide them (27-28).

			Lockwood dreams (19).	        Could the "seventy times  
							seven" sermon be symbolic?

			(same quote as above)		This dream alludes to the bible, 

Chapter 9:		"...caught me in the act of	Why was she stuffing him in the
Lev. 2			stuffing his son away in the	cupboard?
			cupboard" (66).

			"You shall not meddle with 	Will Nelly try to take Hareton
			him!  He hates you!" (68).	away from Hindley?

Lev. 3			Hindley wants Hareton (67).	Hindley has never wanted Hare.,
							could this foreshadow future 

			Catherine explains to Nelly	Could her dreams be symbols
			her thoughts and dreams 	of foreshadowing events to come?

			Laws in England (66).		What other laws provide for 
							loopholes for people to kill?

Chapter 13:		"The master told me... 		Why would Catherine enjoy
Lev. 2			room could be prepared"	        the heat when she had fever? 

			"Oh, I thought myself, she 	Did Nelly really think Catherine's
			might recover, so waited on	illness wasn't real?
			her as she was (124).

Lev. 3			(same quote as above)		Are Nelly's thoughts reflective of
							what Catherine really thought?

			Linton was so nice to		Could Linton's actions foreshadow 
			Catherine always taking		her death?
			care of her (123).

			Isabella meets Hindley, the	Is this foreshadowing Heathcliff's
			speak of his plans.		death?

Chapter 17:		Isabella has left Heath.and	How did she finally escape Heath.?
Lev. 2			is now at T.G. (156).

			(same quote as above)		Why is it that Heath. would rather
							her be away somewhere than at
							her true home? 

Lev. 3			"I cannot commit murder,	Could Hindley's actions foreshadow
			Mr. Hindley stands sentinel	his own fate?
			with a knife and a loaded 
			pistol" (162).

			Heathcliff locked out;		Heathcliff became significant
			Hindley threatened to kill      later on?
			him; Isabella won't let him 
			in (162).

			Hindley has died (170).		Could his death mean upcoming                                                evil events with Heath. in control? 
							evil events with Heathcliff 
                                                        in control?

Chapter 24:		Cathy sees Hareton; he can 	Why does Cathy want her father
Lev. 2			somewhat read; she wants 	to know?
			her father to know about her
			traveling to W.H.		

			(same quote as above)		Why would she make fun of

Lev. 3			Cathy and Ellen talk; Cathy	Do these encounters foreshadow
			been to W.H.			the relationship between Cathy and
							Linton later in life?

			"He advanced direct to us,	What other factors may be 
			seized Linton by the arm, and	building anger for Edgar?
			swung him off the seat" (230).

			I assured her I would not  	Do Cathy's pleas for silence
                        scold... (226).                 foreshadow other upcoming events?

Chapter 29:		The evening after the funeral  	What did Mr. Linton die of?
Lev. 2			(261).

			...he was master...(261).	How could Edgar have made Linton
							owner of his estate?

Lev. 3			...the lass owes me services	Could these services be symbolic?

			"he loves me and for that 	How many characters in real life and
			reason, I love him" (263).	books have these feelings?

			Heathcliff opens Catherine's 	Does this symbolize Heath. fate?
			grave; says he will be buried
			there; almost like he wants to 

Chapter 33:		On the morrow of that 		If Hareton was still hurt, how
               hitherto (289).     could he work in the garden? 

			"He had his hand in her		Why did Heath. all of a
                        hair...said with assumed 	sudden become gentle with Cathy?
			calmness" (293).                               

Lev. 3			(same quote as above)		Could his gentleness foreshadow
							his future mental state?

			"...he was just the same...	Is Heathcliff's behavior symbolic
			laconic in company" (297).	of something?