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Deep and W i d e Connections

Just like in Oedipus Rex,
Where the king fell under a hex,
Son married mother--such incest,
Catherines and their cousins found this was best!!

Or maybe they’re like the Misanthrope
Where Alceste thought he didn’t have a hope.
Celemaine toyed with one’s heart, another’s mind
Catherine and she are one of a kind.

Little Nora in A Doll’s House,
For the love of money marries her spouse.
Catherine, too, passes love for cash,
And watches her happiness end in a flash.

Power struggles involving Hamlet’s father.
His brother killed him and married the mother.
Just like them, Heathcliff wants to be number ONE!!
Even though he gives up the one he calls “hun.”

Emma thinks her beauty surpasses all.
But the Bible says “Pride goes before a fall.”
Just like Emma, Catherine wants the run of the town,
And if she doesn’t get it, will wear a frown.

Angela’s Ashes shows a man who left
When problems came and caused his kids to theft.
Heathcliff, too, leaves when problems come.
Men who are cowards make the whole story glum.

The Second Coming talks of men on the brink of death,
And all they have to do is to love say “Yes.”
Wuthering Heights showcases men near their end
If they toss their needed love off to the wind.

Vivi in Ya-Ya abuses her kids
Because deep down inside, her problems she hid.
Heathcliff abuses his lost love’s child
Because his hidden hurt makes him go wild.